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Eggbutt Info

Barrel head more commonly known as Eggbutt

Types of Bits Found on snaffles, gag bits, and bradoons. Pelham bits also usually have an eggbutt design for the snaffle ring on the shank.


The eggbutt has a slightly oval (egglike) shape, and consists of a round outer ring attached to a more upright, straighter cheek which is fixed to the mouthpiece. This ring can move back and forth where it is attached to the cheek, but does not rotate like the loose-ring, and so is more stable in the horse's mouth (and not as fixed as the other types of rings).


This is a mild bit and will not pinch the horse mouth.

Size and Thickness of Rings

The rings range from rounder and thinner to wider and flatter in shape. Their thickness varies.


This is also a popular bit that comes in many sizes, various metals are also used, and mouthpieces may be made in almost any type (see bit mouthpiece).

Uses The mouthpiece is usually solid, but may be hollow mouthed.


Eggbutts are overall one of the most popular ring designs, less common in the dressage arena than loose-rings, more often seen in show hunter disciplines. They are popular for riding schools, and sometimes in horse racing. Eggbutts are sometimes seen in eventing, show jumping, and equitation riding. They are occasionally seen in western riding. Eggbutts are also useful as a gentle design with which to start young horses.

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