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Loose Ring Info

Loose-ring snaffle. Bit
Types of Bits: Found on snaffles, gag bits, and bridoons. 

The movable rings of the snaffle bit automatically ensure the correct position of the bit in the horse’s mouth, the loose ring is a circular ring which rotates around the mouthpiece freely movable rings enable the horse to slightly change the position of the bit in his mouth promoting relaxation and chewing from the horse, the loose ring therefore keeps the bit more mobile than any other ring type.


This is also a popular bit that comes in many sizes, Various metals are used, and mouthpieces may be made in almost any type (see bit mouthpiece). The mouthpiece is usually solid, but may be hollow mouthed.

One of the three most popular designs, loose rings are often used for training young horses, as the action is mild and the loose movement of the ring provides warning prior to rein pressure.
The loose ring is the most common bit seen at the lower levels of dressage and on junior horses in western riding disciplines. It is also seen through all the levels of eventing (especially in the dressage phase), and is a common bit for race horses and some show jumpers.


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