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Baucher Bit

The Boucher and B-Ring snaffles operate on the same principle, which is having the bit hang from a fixed cheek situated above the snaffle ring. The Boucher has an arm that extends upwards from the snaffle ring, with an eye at the top where the cheek pieces of the bridle attach. The B-Ring, as the name implies, is shaped like the letter “B,” with the smaller loop on top for the bridle’s cheek piece, and the larger loop underneath for the snaffle rein.

This arrangement, similar to the multi-ring snaffles, places additional pressure on the poll when the snaffle rein is used. Because the upper cheeks of the bit are pulled slightly forward and downward when rein pressure is applied, pressure is transferred through the cheek pieces of the bridle to the headstall, which can assist in lowering the horse’s head. Because of the distance between the rings is greater on a Boucher snaffle than on a B-Ring, the Boucher probably has slightly more impact through increased leverage.

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