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Full Cheek Info

Full Cheek

Types of Bits, snaffle

The cheeks of these bits extend both upward and downward, tapering as they get farther away from the mouthpiece, with a half-moon ring similar in shape to the Dee-ring or Eggbutt (depending on the design). The long sides provide a great deal of lateral guiding effect. The full cheek without bit keepers is more fixed in the mouth than a loose ring, and thus has a similar action to the Eggbutt or Dee-ring. Use of bit keepers, however, makes the full cheek even more fixed than the Dee-ring, concentrating bit pressure on the bars and tongue.


The full-cheek is very unlikely to be pulled through the mouth and gives considerable lateral commands.

The full cheek should be adjusted like any normal snaffle, although it may be placed slightly lower in the mouth when bit keepers are used. When choosing this bit, it may be best to test ride with and without bit keepers, depending on the needs of the horse.


This is also a popular bit that comes in many sizes and Various metals,mouthpiece may be made from many type of materials (see bit mouthpiece). The mouthpiece is usually solid, but could be hollow mouthed.

The full cheek is becoming more popular and is now seen in many disciplines, including dressage, eventing, show jumping, western riding and hunt seat. Additionally, the guiding effect makes it popular for use on young horses.

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